White Widow - 50/50 Hybrid

White Widow - 20% THC
50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid
aka: WW

In 1994, the legendary White Widow was born by breeder Shantibaba. The father plant is a South Indian Indica hybrid Shantibaba used for White Widow originally came from Kovalam Beach but had been grown nearby in the mountains of Kerala.

The Saitva mother comes from a pure Brazilian landrace. White Widow strain was first released by Shantibaba shortly after he founded the Green House Seed Company in 1994 in collaboration with his Dutch partner named Arjan.

When breeding Shantibaba worked alongside Neville Schoenmaker (the father of Dutch Seed Bank) as several new hybrids with superior genetics were developed. Some seeds they used dated back to the begining of the Seed Bank that Neville himself founded, a company now known as Sensi Seeds.

During the time when the White Widow was created, Shantibaba and Neville concentrated on the breeding aspect and Arjan, not being a breeder himself, focused on the business. In 1996, both Nirvana and Dutch Passion seed companies purchased a single pack of White Widow seeds from Shantibaba.

Later Shantibaba sold his half of the Green House Seed Company to Arjan in 1998 and left for Switzerland to form the Mr. Nice Seed Bank, taking the original White Widow parents with him.

White Widow grew instant popularity at every coffeeshop menu in Amsterdam. A "masterpiece", White Widow has set the standard for the "White" strains. Since then, White Widow became famous and most expensive item on Amsterdam coffeshop menus.

Buds are compact in order to contain the copious amounts of resin. Leaning on the sativa side, the buzz is powerful yet energetic and very social.

White Widow has excellent trichome production all over the buds and leaves and here it beats other famous and excellent strains. The White widow strain marijuana seeds are in high demand and stock is sold frequently.

White Widow won 12 Cannabis Cups.

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Grade:  A

THC:   Moderate

Pure Brazilian Sativa Landrace  x  South Indian Hybrid

Origin:  Netherlands

Shantibaba/Neville Schoenmaker - Green House Seed Company

Flowering Time:  8-10 weeks

Yield:  325 - 425 (g/m2 in SOG)

Good For:   Getting stung by a spider in Euphoria.

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