VIP OG - Indica Dominant Hybrid

VIP OG - 18% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid

The VIP OG medical marijuana strain is mostly found in southern Californian collectives. The VIP OG is found as top shelf strain in most dispensaries.

The VIP has light green buds covered in crystal trichomes and auburn hairs that gives a smooth lemon/pine taste. The odor is a fresh subtle skunky lemon scent.

The VIP OG can be a stubborn strain to grow and recommended for the experienced grower, although the VIP OG has a large rewarding yield.

Grade:  B+

THC:   18%

OG Kush sub cut

Origin:  California

Breeder:  OG Genetics

Flowering Time:  9-11 weeks

Yield:  up to 300 grams m2

Good For:   Becoming a very important person.

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