Tora Bora - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Tora Bora - 22% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid (99/1)

DNA Genetics provieds the Tora Bora is a peaceful meeting of a pure Pakistani and a pure Afghani, making it 99% Indica. This cross is a mix of two legendary strains, the LA known for a modest yield, and powerful flavor.

The X18 known for stretching in the first month only to slow down and finish pungent and blueish with her buds dense and rock hard. The mix of the two provides a quick vegging, early finishing strain having dark green buds with blueish rock hard nugs incrusted in crystals.

Average yields for the Tora Bora make her a great plant for small as well as large gardens. LA & X18 are strong medical herbs and both have a history of relieving pain and helping patients with insomnia. A must for any one who considers themselves a high tolerant smoker.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

LA Confidential  x  X18 Pure Pakistan

Origin:  California then Netherlands

Breeder:  DNA Genetics

Flowering Time:  9 weeks


Good For:   Taking a nap in Bora Bora.

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