Legal Bud

Swazi - Sativa

Swazi - 18% THC

Originating from Swaziland (South Africa), the Swazi is a pure Africa sativa breed, never outcrossed. Swazi has very large resin covered leaves, seeded or not; long slender buds, very low leaf-to-flower ratio. The taste is exotic witHA strong, fairly clear high.

Swazi is perfect for outdoor growers in hot climate. Highly disease resistant. A truly unique variety from Swaziland South Africa. Outdoor height: 7-9 ft. Outdoor yield average: 1 lb. Finish date: Sept. 15 at 40 degrees latitude.

Grade:  B+

THC:   18%

pure Sativa Swazi Landrace

Origin:  Swaziland, Africa

Breeder:  Positronics

Flowering Time:  9-14 weeks

Yield:  up to 1 pound per plant

Good For:   Learning the Nguni language.

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