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Super OG Kush - 50/50 Hybrid

Super OG Kush - 20% THC
50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid

Super OG Kush is essentially, OG Kush grown under prime conditions. This strand in particular does best in the coolest of rooms.

This type of OG Kush is truly one of a kind, smell and taste is impeccable. This famous clone-strain is one that lives up to its name, very colofull and potent. Quality/clean medicine that provides quality/clean high. Cerebral and stimulating, OG Kush is a super-potent variety of medical-grade cannabis with very distinct aroma, appearance and long-lasting psychoactive and physiological effects along with very strong pain relieving benefits. Works well for sleep as well, it can help patients undergoing toxic treatments for various diseases as it is smooth and very usable. There are many "OG Kush's" out there

Grade:  B+

THC:   20%

SFV OG Kush selection

Origin:  Northern California

Breeder:  Private

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

Yield:  up to 500 grams m2

Good For:   Wearing an A.D.I.D.A.S. outfit for powers.
for not cleaning his room.

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