Sour OG - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Sour OG - 17.32% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid

  Sour OG medical marijuana strain is from HawgsBreath Genetics in San Diego. It is their originl Sour Diesel crossed to their OG Kush F4 male.

Expect stellar results to come from this cross. Sour OG cannabis has great structure and solid kolas with fuel sour aroma. Flowering time will be around 8 weeks.

Grade:  B+

THC:   17.32%

Genetics:  Sour Diesel  x  OG Kush F4

Origin:  San Diego, California

Breeder:  HawgsBreath Genetics

Flowering Time:  8 weeks

Yield:  up tp 350 gr m/2

Good For:   Waiting for the sour hour.

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