Snow Cap - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Snow Cap - 18% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
aka: Snocap, Snow Bud

Snow Cap medical marijuana strain can be found in clone form that is widely grown in California. Although Snow Cap seeds can also be found from Snow Cap growers. It appears as if there are two different types of Snow Cap strains floating around California.

One being Snow Cap, a heavy Indica from Humboldt County and the other being Snow Cap, a heavy Sativa from Mendocino County, Fort Bragg. Patients often get confused about Snow Cap (aka Humboldt Snow) with Fort Bragg Snow Cap. Fort Bragg Snow Cap is the one that is intriguing by many patients.

The Humboldt County Snow Cap genetics are almost 100% Indica. The genetics were from Holland then developed further over a two year period in the Humboldt County. The Indica seeds are from Holland. Humboldt Snow Cap, also known as Snow Bud, has also been known as Snow Cap.

It is rumored to be a cross between two different Afghan strains. Snow Cap can mold easily and is notorious for powdery mildew, caution should be taken during late flower and drying. Snocap roots easily and has medium spaced internodes. She can take a lot of punishment and is fairly easy to grow.

Snow Cap will be stink in flower, it's buds are dense and tight, the trimming isn't too bad. Snow Cap has two very distinctive phenotype visible characteristics. First off, it has a very lush, dark green color to the leafs. Second, the pistils in the flowering stage seem almost unmistakable. The pistils are very short and thick, they point straight out like a little fuzz ball.

"A few years back when a Fort Bragg Med Group named, what essentially amounts to Amsterdam Bagseed, Snow Cap. They inadvertently caused a lot of confusion between tha folks who know Humboldt Snow as Snow Cap and that people touting their 'new' SnowCap."

The Snow Cap cannabis smells like it is "Trainwreck" influenced, whereas the other (snow cap) does not. The trainwreck influenced one is a Sativa, and is clone only and most likely california only.

Grade:  A-

THC:   18%



Breeder:  Private
(found in CA dispensaries as clone form)

Flowering Time:  55-65 days

can produce 2 lbs per 1000W light.

Good For:
Hitting the trees hard while skiing.

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