Skunk Red Hair - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Skunk Red Hair - 15% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Skunk Red Hair medical marijuana strain was developed in the early 1980s. The Skunk Red Hair has numerous red hairs which is a sign of sweet tasting, quality bud.

Skunk Red Hair cannabis is mellow in strength, not overpowering like some of the white strains developed currently. Skunk Red Hair grows tall and vigorous and has a super sweet flavor and a skunky odor.

The Skunk Red Hair flowers develop a distinctive blush when they mature and yields can be very high.

Grade:  B-

THC:   15%

Unknown Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Origin:  Holland

Breeder:  Nirvana Seeds

Flowering Time:  55-65 days

Yield:  up to 500 grams m2

Good For:   Washing your thick red beard.

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