Shit - Indica

Shit - 15-20% THC

The Shit cannabis strain is bred by Mr Nice Seeds and is an "old school" genetic. An absolute classic and original Skunk cross with Afghani that has won many awards.

A proven true breed since the 1980's bred from Mr Nice seeds. The breeder admits that it may only be adolescent humor, but he still gets a laugh from people ordering the "Nice Shit".

A classic original Skunk/Afghani hybrid, this strain is a large branching plant with dense sticky buds. The Shit strain is considered an easy grow for the beginner cultivators whether indoors or outdoors.

Shit grows bushy and stays short in height. Hairs range from light yellow to red to brown at full maturity. The Shit buzz is mellow tasting sweet and skunky.

Expected indoor flowering time is between 40-50 days. In the Northern Hemisphere it will be completed by September to early Ocober and in the Southern Hemisphere by late March to early April.

Grade:  B

THC:   15-20%

Skunk #1  x  Skunk #1 (Dom. Afghani)


Breeder:  Shantibaba / Mr Nice Seeds

Flowering Time:  40 to 50 days

Indoors 550-650 g/m2 g/h
Outdoors 500+ g/plant

Good For:
Airing out the bathroom after before using.

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