Schwag - Indica

Schwag - 2% THC

Probably what you been buying for years while in high school in "dime" or "nickel" bags, sometimes even wrapped in aluminum foil. Although not worthy to be mentioned amongst the other strains in the Weed Yard, Schwag weed is popular across the USA to those who want to save money and don't have access to legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

It mostly comes from Mexico, some of the best cannabis used to come from Mexico, but these days "Mexican Brickweed" has become synonymous with Schwag, the lowest quality smoke. That is because of America's "War on Drugs" campaign that afflicted the Mexican indigenous marijuana production badly. It can be said that buying this strain might support criminal drug cartels in Mexico.

Good Mexican is a Sativa hybrid bud, and even though its THC is degraded by production bricking and shipping, it can be a potent and give a great high if grown outdoors in strong sunlight. Some illegal Schwag dealers in slum neighborhoods may even spray their crop with insect repellent to ensure a high.

Schwag should only be the absolute last resort, but weed gurus rather smoke nothing. Some Schwag may be little more potent than others, the better quality are long dried out buds that have been compressed to fit the plastic wrapped weed brick. Schwag has a very light scent and a harsh smoke.

Grade:  F

THC:   2%


Buttcracks and Armpits

Breeder:  Unknown

Flowering Time:  7-9 weeks

up to 800 gram / square meter

Good For:
Adding to an already pounding headache.

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