SFV OG Kush - Indica Dominant Hybrid

SFV OG Kush - 18% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid
also: SFV OG Kush Bx2 & San Fernando Valley OG Kush

SFV OG Kush medical marijuana strain is a sub cut of the original "OG Kush". The "SFV" meaning San Fernando Valley, where this sub cut was first bred.

This original strain is currently available by clone only. Some breeders offer their version of the SFV OG Kush. The Cali Connection has a SFV cut OG Kush crossed with an Afghani #1 f1 Hybrid, calling it SFV OG Kush.

There also a "SFV OG Kush Bx2" distributed by breeder "Swerve" in Southern California. The second backcrossing of Swerve's SFV OG Kush marijuana strain is a big hit for cannabis connoisseurs around the planet. She produces really nice looking plants that deliver heavy yields in 8 weeks.

If you can wait a little longer, then do as she will reward you with late-flowering growth rates that are sure to please. She smells across the room of lemon Pine-sol and will almost make your eyes water with her pungency.

She is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that loves to takes pains from your body and insert wonder into your mind. There are few phenotypic differences to be concerned about when cultivating the SFV OG Kush Bx2 strain of cannabis.

She grows on the short, bushy side and prefers to retain at least some of her lower branches as she matures. SoG cultivation rooms are not the best choice for her. Give her all the bright HID lighting you can, along with purified water, good nutes and about 1150 PPM of CO2 in her daytime environment.

She's very clonable and demonstrates excellent consistency from seed to clone to mother. There could be hundreds of "SFV" varieties going around such as the previous mentioned and a SFV OG Kush f4 IBL, SFV OG Kush f1-f3 and many more.

This statement was also said about SFV OG Kush:
"In late 1993 John from Grass Valley Ca. got the Chem Dog cut. He shared it Jerry (Cowboy) from Dibble Creek Ca. and Harold(Putz) from Sunset Beach Ca. Putz had a male he called the secret ingredient. It was a cross of Lemon Thai and an Old World Paki Kush.

Putz bred the secret ingredient to the Chem Dog. The buds that came out of this cross were going around So. L.A. county in 1995. Someone told Putz that Kush must be so good because it was mountain grown. Putz laughed and told him "this Kush is Ocean Grown Kush bro".

The tag stuck and it became known as OG Kush. In the spring of 1996 Putz married a girl from New Zealand. Before moving there he sent cuts of his OG to Bob (beans) in Salinas, CA. He gave all his P1 stock and all the remaining seed he had to Mad Dog from Downey, CA.

In late 1996 he sold some seed to some guys in the Valley. That's where the San Fernando Valley cut of OG comes from. It's like the Original only more sat in pheno type. then sold a cut of the original to a guy in Orange county and that cut is called Larry today.

It's still around Orange county. He sent one other cut of the original OG to a breeder in Europe. As far as I know he never let anyone else have it. Jerry bred his Chem Dog cut to a Humboldt county indica boy. This was the beginning of his cubing proccess.

At BX3 he got a pheno that had all the smell, taste and kick of the Chem Dog, but in a pure indica pheno. Jerry gave this plant to Bob. It became known as the West Coast Dog. Bob bred this plant to my Old World Kush male.

He took a male from that cross and bred it to the OG cut Putz had sent him. This is what made the original Bubba Kush. Jerry's cubed version of Chem Dog is what I sell as White Mustang."

Grade:  B+

THC:   18%

Chem Dog  x  [Lemon Thai  x  Hindu Kush]


Breeder:  The Cali Connection / Swerve (current)

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

up to 400 gr m/2 (dried indoor).

Good For:
Being on the move.

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