Legal Bud

          Legal Bud
Rosetta Stone - 50/50 Hybrid

Rosetta Stone - 20% THC
50% Sativa / 50% Indica Dominate Hybrid

Rosetta Stone is a fast-flowering plant with heavy resin production and average yield. It clones remarkably well and is generally an easy plant to work with. It was created by pollinating a unique Ginger-Ale female (Ginger Ale makes the densest nuggets we've ever seen) with a male we've tracked for a long time as a reliable resin-enhancing father. Rosetta Stone is a super potent, wonderfully sweet, fruity smelling, perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid. A definate keeper in any connoisseurs garden.

From Brothers Grimm: "we purchased dozens of seeds from Greenhouse Seed Bank and planted them all. From this huge sample group of White Widow individuals, a single outstanding male and female were chosen after much evaluation. Some BG hybrids (Rosetta Stone, Sugar Blossoms, etc...) have already been created from the selected male plant and the public's response to them has been extremely favorable."

Grade:  B+

THC:   20%

Ginger Ale  x  White Widow

Origin:  California

Breeder:  Brothers Grimm

Flowering Time:  50-55 days

up to 1-2 pounds per 1000W lamp

Good For:
Learning a new language.

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