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Red Cherry Berry - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Red Cherry Berry - 17.5% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid

By backcrossing Barney's Farm Seeds best skunk plant with its California ancestors, this strain was developed for Indica lovers who like a bit of cerebral high with a restful, body stone. With minimal effort, this very hardy plant grows to medium size and produces high yields and THC content. The taste and aroma of Red Cherry Berry recall childhood visits to the sweet shop and the lingering fruit flavors of the highest quality hard candy.

Grade:  B

THC:   17.5%

California Indica  x  Skunk #1

Origin:  Holland

Breeder:  Barney's Farm Seeds

Flowering Time:  55 to 60 days

up to 500 gr/m2

Good For:
Reading Anton Chekhov's last play.

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