Razzmatazz - Indica Dominant

Razzmatazz - 20% THC
Indica Dominant

The Razzmatazz cannabis strain is advertised as "the world's first fully double Echinacea", it is truly and wildly different from any other cultivar of Echinacea Purpurea ever seen.

The flowers begin as normal looking buds, which are shorter than average colas being extra reflexed around the dark cone. As the cone further matures, it develops small purple buds of its own, until it is a dense and purple.

It is just great luck that this cultivar was saved. The initial grower in the Netherlands, Jan van Winsen who pioneered this sport among seedling coneflowers, was a specialist in annuals and cut flowers.

In 1997, Jan began developing a crop of the very first specimens of "Razzmatazz". By 2001, Jan had not successfully marketed this unusual sport in his corner of the medical marijuana industry, which was more focused on cut buds or the final product.

Convinced there was no interest in seedling coneflowers, Jan was on the verge of composting the entire crop. At one point Jan had mentioned his plan to his friend, Marco van Noort while they were boating together.

Marco immediately realized the double Echinacea was a fantastic new breakthrough for the species. He took over Jan's stocks and the Razzmatazz cannabis strain was saved from instant extinction.

When the cannabis market learned of this flower's existence, enthusiasm was induced to get this plant available to purchase. In 2004, the Razzmatazz was exhibited in a London cannabis show with police guarding the plants from the public.

Around 2005, the Razzmatazz strain had first arrived in the United States, being obtained by some top notch growers. Since being a rare strain its prices were inflated but the patient gardener could get them cheaper by waiting a couple years.

Razzmatazz has a mild fragrance. It flowers from July to September or until the first hard frost. It grows thirty inches to three feet tall. As with other purple coneflowers it needs full sun.

Coneflowers sometimes make a feeble effort to keep blooming right into our mild winters but will not be able to finish the process. Young specimens in particular should have any post September or winterflower stems cut back in order to encourage only root development for the first couple of years. This should insure a healthy regrowth the following spring.

Grade:  A

THC:   20%

Grand Daddy Purple  x  Lavender


Breeder:  Jan van Winsen

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

up to 250-350 gr m/2 (dried indoor).

Good For:
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