Purple #1 - 50/50 Hybrid

Purple #1 - 18% THC
50% Sativa/50% Indica Hybrid

In the mid 1980's, the Purple #1 medical marijuana strain was one of the first purple outdoor strains commercially available as seed strain in the Netherlands.

It is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid (50/50), bred from Purple Afghan and several sativa strains. In 1983, Henk van Dalen began to cross this Purple Afghan strain with the sativa genetics, there from developing the new variety Purple #1 which was released to the market in 1987.

Purple #1 is a hardy outdoor variety with good mold resistance, being fully adapted to the chilly outdoor climate. Its calyxes turn purple in most cases, starting this discoloration at the beginning of flowering. According to Dutch Passion, up to 90% of the plants turn purple.

The colder the nights are, the darker the purple hue is, because this attractive color is produced by a pigment called anthocyane which acts as a kind of antifreeze for the plant. Purple #1 is expected to have a rough, but subtle aroma and a very good high.

The average yield of his Purple #1 plants turned out to be 140 grams, which was satisfying with regard to the bad weather and the shorter vegetative period.

Grade:  A-

THC:   18%

Purple Afghan  x  Unknown Sativa

Origin:  Holland

Breeder:  Dutch Passion

Flowering Time:  8 weeks

up to 140 grams m2

Good For:
Rooting for the Minnesota Vikings to win it all.

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