Oasis - Indica Dominant

Oasis - 12.3% THC
Indica Dominant

The Oasis medical marijuana strain is Dutch Passion's most popular Cannabis varieties. Oasis is from Dutch Passion's Northern Lights #2 selection.

Being a very strong Cannabis plant, this Cannabis variety is almost fully spidermite resistant. On top of that advantage this variety produces well and has an excellent taste with a excellent skunk high that is a favorite for many experienced smokers and growers.

Oasis from Dutch Passion is an Indica strain suitable for indoor and warm outdoor climates. Heavy buds are developed and are ripe after 56 days into the flowering cycle and yield between approximately 100 to 400 grams per cannabis plant.

Grade:  C

THC:   12.3%

Northern Lights #2 selection


Breeder:  Dutch Passion

Flowering Time:  7-8 weeks

up to 400 grams (dried, indoor)

Good For:
Finding an isolated area of vegetation in a desert.

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