Northern Lights #1 - Indica

Northern Lights #1 - 21% THC
aka: NL1

Northern Lights #1 marijunana is possibly one of the most famous and potent Indica varieties. Well adapted for indoor growing Northern lights is on the smaller side averaging between 4-5 feet.

This strain will give top performance when grown in hydroponics, but can do just as well in soil.

Legend has it that all the various Northern Lights plants that were given to a famous Dutch breeder were female clones.

Afterwards, many new Northern Lights strain plants showed up on the market. History begins to get a bit confusing on how exactly these new NL strains came available.

Apparently the Dutch breeder used the plants that he got from Seattle to create new hybrids by further crossing them to some males of Afghani origin.

He might have acquired them from the same source as the females but the Northern Lights males were never labeled, so their history remains unclear.

A hypothesis is that the breeder created the new seeds by further hybridizing and inbreeding the plants that he acquired from Seattle to his old stock.

Northern Lights #1 was described as a true breeding Afghani IBL (inbred line), suggesting that it contained none of the Thai Sativa that was later incorporated into some of the Northern Lights strains.

At what point the Thai Sativa was infused into the genetic lineage is however unclear. Most likely it was bred into the Northern Lights #2 hybrid at some point.

Northern Lights #1 cannabis has a skunky taste and an uplifting buzz. The aroma is pleasantly sweet with a spicy taste, delivering a relaxing and lazy high with a gentle couch lock.

Grade:  A

THC:   High

Genetics:  Afghani IBL (inbred line)

Origin:  first cut Seattle, Washington - perfected Holland

Breeder:  Sensi Seed Bank

Flowering Time:  6-7 weeks

Yield:  up to 125 gr

Good For:   Taking a vacation to the North Pole.

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