Nepal (Highland) - Sativa

Nepal Landraces (Highland) - 22% THC

Nepalese Highland is a pure IBL (inbred line) from Nepal. The infamous breeder, Reeferman has sold these seeds at various times over the past decade on various seed auctions and other seed sites and this strains is known to have been used be several breeders to produce the majority of Nepali based strains that are available today.

The strain is popular with breeders looking to create sativa structure in indica hybrids, where earlier finishing times are required. It also produces a larger frame to the plants which helps increase the yields.

This Nepalese Highland was used as the father of Reeferman’s High Times Cannabis Cup winner Willie Nelson, along with a number of other popular Reeferman strains.

Native Nepalese marijuana are a quick flowering mountain sativa. The Nepal plant is of medium size, not long internodes, very easy for growing.

The branches are medium sized and strong, an acceptable size for any kind of space for both in outdoor and indoors. Although this strain grow with a sativa structure the buds show more indica in their formation.

Nepalese landraces usually flower between 60-70 days giving some very good quality flowers. The Nepal buds are dense and strong, but also there are some more sativas tower-buds a bit more airy.

The production is medium but of high quality and full of resin and hard buds. The odor is a very nice floral with some more citrus and sweet scents. Nepaleses sativas tend to show a notorious odor level during flowering.

Very nice and easy to grow sativa with a very acceptable yield with also a strong high been first uplifting but having also corporal and phisic effect being full body afected.

Nepalese Highland seeds are a traditional pure landrace charas cultivar which produce strong hashish from either hand rubbing live plants or by sieving the dried harvest.

In Western Nepal this strain is cultivated at an altitude of between 1000m - 3000m and displays two distinct phenotypes: the first grows to about 1.5m in height with dense, compact buds and tight internodal length, the second is rangier and reaches uop to 3m tall. As befits a strain from this region it has excellent resistance to both cold and mold and makes tremendous stock for cross breeding.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

Nepalese Landrace IBL


Breeder:  Reeferman

Flowering Time:  60-70 days

up to 400 gr

Good For:   Having dal-bhat-tarkari for lunch.

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