Mendo Purps - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Mendo Purps - 18% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
aka: Mendocino Purple

Mendocino Purps began as a clone-only plant among the medical marijuana community of Mendocino County. This scrumptious purple plant is tasty looking and smelling, with deep purple coloring and a frosting of resin. The flavors are soothing and tantalizing, lingering pleasurably on the tongue.

The Purps high soars into a long lasting haze of playful euphoria. It produces an active, awake feeling with a very low burnout factor. A nice antidote for depression, these rich flavored buds turn the blues into the Purps.

T.C. Seeds offers "Da Purps" which is Afghani x Mendo Purps, was gifted to them from experienced Northern Californian growers. A grape flavored resin coated plant; this plant proves that purple doesn't necessarily stand for less quality.

Originally grown from 23-year-old seeds, the Purps turned out to be the perfect match for our Afghani male. To keep the spirit of the Purps alive they introduced Da Purps. Expect slight variables in the phenos due to unknown heritage of the original Purps.

BC Bud Depot in Canada offers the strain "The Purps", which is a Mendo Purps IBL. The Purps has gone on to win many awards in recent years as some of the best tasting smoke the world has ever seen. Dense yields of pure purple.

The taste is soothing, the buds dank, the bouquet is tantalizing euphoria. The high is both uplifting and soaring, with a zero burnout factor and a deep purple grape taste that lingers forever.

Grade:  B

THC:   18%

Mendocino Purple Sativa variety

Mendocino, California

Breeder:  T.C. Seeds / BC Bd Depot

Flowering Time:  45-55 Days

up to 4-6 oz (dried indoor).

Good For:
Visiting top notch vineyards.

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