Mauie Wauie - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Mauie Wauie - 15% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Nirvana Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui marijuana strain is a lanky tropical Cannabis Sativa, which has long been one of the main attractions of the Hawaiian Islands.

This marijuana strain has a citrus aroma and a smooth, fruity-herbal flavor with an inspiring buzz. This is a strain from true old school marijuana seed genetics, which means it is not as overpowering as modern indoor cannabis strains tend to be.

Through years of careful inbreeding (IBL), Nirvana has managed to capture that elusive Valley Island taste.

A fun trivia about the Maui Wauie cannabis strain is that it is mentioned in the film Half Baked when the Dave Chappelle character enter and steal from a medical lab.

Grade:  B+

THC:   15%

Hawiian Sativa IBL

Origin:  Hawaii, sold in Holland

Breeder:  Nirvana Seeds

Flowering Time:  9-11 weeks

up to 350 - 450 grams

Good For:
Getting paca lolo in Maui.

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