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Light of Jah - Sativa Dominant

Light of Jah - 22% THC
Sativa Dominant

Light of Jah is a multiple Cannabis Cup Winner possibly one of the most celebrated marijuana strains in the world and has won may awards for its characteristics since many years of breeding have produced this Haze hybrid. Light of Jah is named in honor of world famous global marijuana and cannabis activist/author of the book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes', Jack Herrer. Unfortunately Jack Herer passed away April 15, 2010 from complications related to an earlier dated heart attack, hence giving Mr Jack Herer the "Light of Jah". The product of extensive breeding and refinement, Light of Jah delivers large yield of dense buds. The smoke has a pleasant peppery small with a fruity skunk-like taste. It enjoys mainly Sativa characteristics giving a happy, high, cerebral buzz. These buds are extremely potent that weigh in at 19% to 22% THC content. It has a flowering period of 10 to 13 weeks, however Light of Jah cannabis can be grown outdoors it is not suitable for the northen most climate, although makes a perfect indoor plant. This strain results in huge yields. Plant Light of Jah cannabis seeds indoors and you can harvest an incredible 750 grams per plant.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

Jack Herer  x  Jack Herer


Breeder:  Private

Flowering Time:  10-13 weeks

up to 350 gr m/2 (dried indoor).

Good For:
Taking a moment of silence.

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