Lemon Kush - 50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid

Lemon Kush - 20% THC
50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid

Lemon Kush medical marijuana strain has that strong "Pine-Sol" lemonade scent once you open your medical cannister, but not over powering.

The Lemon Kush is a cross of Lemon Skunk with Bubba Kush, although some may argue that it is Master Kush and not the Bubba Kush.

You can also argue that either Master or Bubba Kush crossed with Lemon Skunk would be Lemon Kush. Whatever the first exact lineage is, most Lemon Kush found is either one of the two Kush types.

Grade:  A-

THC:   20%

Lemon Skunk  x  Bubba Kush or Master Kush

Origin:  California

Breeder:  Unknown

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

Yield:  up to 350 grams per 1000 watts

Good For:   Cleaning the house with Diane Amos.

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