Kalashnikova - Indica

Kalashnikova - 15.44% THC

Kalashnikova is named after Lieutenant General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, a Soviet small arms designer, most famous for designing the AK-47 assault rifle.

The Kalashnikova medical marijuana strain from Greenhouse Seeds is their take on a very famous genetic. Greenhouse crossed the AK47 with the White Widow and the results are outstanding: a plant with the structure and the calyx structure of the AK47, and the resin formation of the White Widow.

The effect is strong and body-like. Flowering time is 8 weeks and the structure is very branchy. The Kalashnikova performs very well both indoors and out, branching out well.

The effect is a strong, long-lasting indica effect, mixed with a clear high. Medicinally effective in appetite stimulation and pain.

Flowering indoor allow 8 weeks for yield up to 750 gr/m2. Very good for SoG or SCRoG. When flowering outdoor the Kalashnikova should be ready by the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1000 gr/plant.

Grade:  A-

THC:   15.44%

White Widow  x  AK-47


Breeder:  Greenhouse Seeds

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

750 gr/m2

Good For:
Becoming a Lieutenant General for Russia.

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