Jamaican - Sativa

Jamaican - 22% THC
aka: Ganja

Native Jamaican medical marijuana strains are mostly sativa plants are fast-growing, known to produce a stimulating, up high.

Jamaican is probably the result of crosses of Indian ganja, which arrived with the Indian immigrants who came to Nothern America. Marijuana in Jamaica is called ganja, the same as in India.

The traditional Jamaican term for the best marijuana is Kali, as the Indian killer goddess. Growing from the same strain of seed, such as Jamaican Lambs Bread, for a long enough period of time, without being crossed with another strain, can be known as a landrace.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

Jamaica Landrace


Breeder:  Landrace

Flowering Time:  16-22 weeks

up to 400 gr

Good For:   Having beef patties for lunch and curried goat for dinner.

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