Ice Cream - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Ice Cream - 17% THC
60% Indica / 40% Sativa Hybrid

The Paradise Seeds Ice Cream marijuana strain of medicinal cannabis produces quite an array of different phenotypes.

The good news is that every phenotype displayed produces quality, and delicious-tasting smoke that delivers powerful medicinal agents.

You'll find copious trichrome development and tightly formed, highly resinous bud sites. The Ice Cream strain of marijuana works well in a SoG cultivation setup, or as a multi-branching plant.

Ice Cream marijuana develops white, frosty buds that smoke smoothly, offering hints of pine, vanilla and skunk for your taste and scent enjoyment.

She is a vigorously growing plant that can produce heavily when given the proper atmospheric conditions including carbon dioxide enrichment, purified water, quality nutrients and meticulous attention paid to her well being.

Providing an average harvest time of approximately eight weeks, the Ice Cream strain is sure to please. You can even try to develop your own smoking apparatus from a sugar cone.

Grade:  B

THC:   17%

Sativa Resinous  x  reversed female Sweet Stout indica.


Breeder:  Paradise Seeds

Flowering Time:  55-60 days

up to 500 grams / m2 (dried, indoor)

Good For:
Enjoying with your date after dinner.

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