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Huron - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Huron - 18% THC
75% Indica / 25% Sativa Hybrid

Mostly Indica, with Ruderalis this cross of Dr. Greenthumb's flagship breed, Niagara, and the famed White Widow was developed with the outdoor grower in mind. Called Huron to honor its Canadian home, this strain was selected based on potency and an early finishing time. Mostly indica. Mold resistant. Medium flower to leaf ratio.

Perfect for outdoor grows in temperate latitudes, including most of Canada, Europe and the northern U.S. Large yield with an indoor growth cutting height 36"-48" and yield 300-400 grams m/2. Huron ends flowering indoors in about 60-75 days . Outdoor growth plant height 4'-6' with a yield of 125-150 grams per plant, finishing around September 15-30 in the Northen Hemisphere. Huron is great for frost resistance.

Grade:  B

THC:   18%

Niagara  x  White Widow

Ontario, Canada

Breeder:  Dr. Greenthumb

Flowering Time:  60-75 Days

up to 400 gr m/2 (dried indoor).

Good For:
Injecting gravy into your turkey veins.

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