Hindu Kush - Indica

Hindu Kush - 20% THC

This pure Kush is a 100% indica, originally from the Hindu Kush mountain region. The current Hindu Kush is the result of many years of selective inbreeding. The seedlings are very even and consistent.

This is an excellent indoor variety for crops from seed. Wonderfully potent, but not devastating and rather mild for an indica. Extremely heavy resin production, early maturation, and good yields are characteristics of this strain.

Put simply, the Hindu Kush is the absolute centre of the world when considering true Indica or Afghanica genotypes and the various forms of black hashish produced from them.

This cultivar has been selected for quality and stability over countless generations, always breeding within its own gene pool. Hindu Kush produces very consistent seedlings and is an excellent variety for uniform indoor crops grown straight from seed. Plants are dark green, squat and powerful with classic, broad-bladed Indica leaves.

Flowering is strong and reliable, producing fast harvests of thick Afghani buds even in the hands of a novice grower. Hindu Kush has a subtle scent of sandalwood tinged with the sweet aroma of fresh charas.

Potency is remarkably high for a non-hybrid strain, with the mellow, positive body vibration possessed by the famous high-altitude Indicas. Hindu Kush also imparts a calm, contemplative mental state, instead of the brain-numbing stone of later Indica, Afghanica and Skunk hybrids.

Grade:  A

THC:   20%

Genetics:  Afghanica genotype Landrace

Afghanistan, Pakistan & Northern India
(Hindu Kush Mountains)

Breeder:  Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time:  7-8 weeks

Yield:  up to 95 gr

Good For:   Studying Hinduism.

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