Himalayan - Sativa

Himalayan - 22% THC
100% Sativa
aka: Pahari Farmhouse

Native Himalayan marijuana is called Pahari Farmhouse by the Real Seed Company is a traditional native cannabis sativa producing large, potent and hardy plants with superb mould and disease resistance as well as large yields.

These are large pungently aromatic plants which grow in the heartlands of Saivate (Shiva) Hinduism, producing a delightfully euphoric, energetic, long-lasting high. Less resinous than their Malana cousins,these Nepalese like seeds are closer in style to the strains of West Nepal, they produce a hard potent charas which has an intense psychedelic effect.

Aromas of raw carrot, lime, with mango-like scents. Final harvest is in the first half of November (which gives a body stone effect), though hand-rubbing can begin as early as the beginning of October (which produces a more heady, rushy effect).

The Himalayan range stretches in a south-easterly direction from Kashmir for more than 2000km towards the highlands of Southeast Asia. The awe-inspiring Himalayan mountain range is home to some of the most ancient cannabis cultures in the world.

In Sanskrit the name Himalaya means "The Abode of Snows" - and here among remote high altitude valleys, millenia of selection and natural isolation have given rise to an array of truly spiritual highs: full, soaring, and psychedelic in effect, these cultivars have inspired some of the greatest religious minds of all times, whether the Sufi mystics of Kashmir or the wandering Sadhus of Himachal and Uttarakhand.

From Himalayan sativa varieties, charas ('hashish') is traditionally produced by hand-rubbing live standing plants, focusing on the potent resinous flowering tips.

Periodically clapping his or her hands together to remove any calyxes or other plant material, and leaving the palms covered in a layer of sticky black resin, an experienced farmer works carefully to avoid contaminating the charas with water or plant sap.

While warm and soft the layer of resin is then rolled off the palms into a long thin stick, which in some of the most authentic and traditional regions will often be folded back onto itself once or twice then twisted into a double or triple helix shape.

The charas twist is then left to reach a firmer consistency. There are many regional variations on such techniques. If produced with care and stored properly Himalayan charas can be kept for a year or more, and does not deteriorate during this time but in fact improves and matures with age.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

Himalayan range landrace


Breeder:  Real Seed Company

Flowering Time:  16-22 weeks

300 - 350 gr m/2

Good For:   Climbing big mountains.

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