Hawgsbreath - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Hawgsbreath - 12.13% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid

The Hawgsbreath medical marijuana strain was originally bred by the late well respected San Diego breeder, James Hawg, or "The Hawg" in San Diego, California.

The original Hawgbreath plant had the genetics that come from a Williams Wonder father and a Northern Lights #5 mother.

It's an extremely stinky plant available as a clone only still, but most people are confusing it with another hybrid made from this strain, "The Hog" from TH Seeds.

Hawgsbreath is a very powerful medically relevant plant, there is a slight resurgence of its popularity from breeders like Riot Seeds.

Grade:  B

THC:   12.13%

Williams Wonder x Northern Lights #5

Origin:  San Diego, California

Breeder:  James Hawg "The Hawg"

Flowering Time:  60-65 days

up to 350 gr m/2

Good For:
Belching after eating bacon.

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