Hawaiian Snow - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Hawaiian Snow - 18.37% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid

The Hawaiian Snow marijuana strain from Greenhouse Seeds is crossed with an original Hawaiian Sativa landrace and a Laos landrace. Very well known between heavy smokers that look for strong buds.

Hawaiian Snow cannabis gives a strong Sativa high that creeps on you, followed by a blasting stoned feeling. Flowering indoors allow 11 weeks for a yield up to 700 gr/sqm.

When flowering outdoors be ready between October and November in the Northern Hemisphere and in June in the Southern. Voted best weed of 2003, a true Sativa champion for champion growers. Yield up to 1200 gr/plant.

Grade:  A-

THC:   18.37%

Hawaiian Sativa  x  Laos landrace


Breeder:  Greenhouse Seeds

Flowering Time:  11 weeks

700-1200 gr/m2

Good For:
Buying a Diamond Head volcano sno-globe.

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