Hawaiian Sativa - Sativa

Hawaiian Sativa - 22% THC

The Hawaiian Sativa marijuana strain has the instincts of a canopy dweller, competing to outgrow surrounding vegetation. Fully stabilized after nearly 30 years of breeding, this variety has been described as "Banana Hawaiian pot" because of her thick, curved buds.

Buds have very wispy sativa-like hairs, and elongated calyxes, giving this plant more than the usual number of trichomes per square centimeter. In other words, resin galore.

Famous Hawaii Islands strains, such as Maui Wowie, used to be easily available. As a direct effect of the DEA's air drug war against Hawaiian outdoor growers, these varieties became almost extinct. Crossed indoors for years, the Hawaiian Maui Waui herritage exists in many hybrids which often lean toward the Sativa.

Limey green in color, Hawaiian Sativa is a straight plant with minimal side branches. Good in a sea of green method when the height is controlled, this sativa will also strive staked to poles, and can be planted densely in a small space using this method. If staking, tie a string around the outside to hold the plants together for best results.

Hawaiian Sativa's citrus flavor and menthol tingle will go to your head. For a more intense citrus flavor, hydroponics growers might try flushing with water for 3 weeks prior to harvest.

Because the high leaves your brain wide-awake and functional, she's a good candidate for those who can freely toke all day. Hawaiian Sativa possesses analgesic properties that have increased its popularity among medical patients seeking pain relief. Medical evidence showed that Hawaiian Sativa provides good visual ocular release, making it a preferred variety for glaucoma patients.

All these superlatives come at a price for the outdoor grower, as Hawaiian Sativa takes a good 84 days to mature and should not be harvested until early November outdoors unless you're up in a rainy climate. Yields outside of the tropics are diminished in an outdoor grow.

Grade:  A+

THC:   22%

pure Hawaiian Sativa landrace


Breeder:  Federation Seed Company

Flowering Time:  8-10 weeks

400-500 gr/m2

Good For:
Riding the "North Shore" waves.

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