Green Spirit - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Green Spirit - 5.9% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid

Green Spirit marijuana strain is a hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk #1. This genetic Cannabis cross was aptly names Green Spirit and is a good homogeneous strain. This strain presented good results with artificial lighting.

Manifesting a clear and strong high, this Cannabis variety is also very high yielding. Compared to many Cannabis strains on the market today, this strain has a tad lower THC concentration for the Cannabis smoker who prefers a milder skunk high.

Green Spirit from Dutch Passion is a hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk #1, growing the barriers of Cannabis hybrid genetics to a new level.

Grade:  C-

THC:   5.9%

Big Bud  x  Skunk #1


Breeder:  Dutch Passion

Flowering Time:  7-8 weeks

up to 120 grams / m2 (dried, indoor)

Good For: Raising the Grinch from the dead.

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