Green Crack - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Green Crack - 17.64% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
aka: Drama Queen, Mango Kush

The Green Crack marijuana strain is found in California as a clone only strain. Green Crack strain is popular in the California medical dispensaries. Green Crack is a great "Day Time" medication as this hybrid is sativa dominant.

Green Crack cannabis is typically found in the Southern California market, although Green Crack was first cut in Athens, Georgia. The original cut is an Afghani cross with Skunk #1 but it is unknown which California indica it's crossed with currently in the "SoCal" market.

Green Crack has a skunky with friut candy scent and a sweet with slight skunky aftertaste.

Grade:  B+

THC:   17.64%

California Sweet Leaf Afghani  x  Skunk #1

San Diego, California

Breeder:  HawgsBreath Genetics

Flowering Time:  50-60 days

up to 300 gr

Good For:
Replacing with regular crack.

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