God's Gift - Indica Dominant Hybrid

God's Gift - 20% THC
75% Indica / 25% Sativa Hybrid
aka: Barney

The God's Gift marijuana strain is originally from Humboldt, California. Currently, "God's Gift" cannabis strain thrives in Canada.

"God's Gift" is a gift from God indeed, according to Indian mythology, the magical cannabis "lowered fevers, fostered sleep, relieved dysentry, and cured sundry other ills; it also stimulated appetite, prolonged life, quickened the mind, and improved judgement." But this specific God's Gift strain is a cross of the Mendo Purpls and a Killer Queen, (ie G-13 x Cinderella 99).

This strain came into around 1998-1999 in Humboldt, California. The God's Gift strain was originally called Barney. Later it was agreed Barney was a terrible name and had to be changed.

God's Gift was a huge 100+ light indoor and plenty of clones were sold from this scene to many growers. The Purple Urkel strain is very much identical and may have come from the original Barney as well.

The God's Gift is absolutely from the Barney strain. If a random breeder claims to have any seeds, they more than likely have come from a different cross of seeds.

Grade:  A-

THC:   20%

Mendo Purps  x  Killer Queen (G-13 x Cinderella 99)

Origin:  Humboldt, California

Breeder:  Humboldt

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

up to 300-400 grams per plant (dried, indoor)

Good For:
Appreciating your life as an existence.

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