God Bud - Indica Dominant Hybrid

God Bud - 20% THC
75% Indica / 25% Sativa Hybrid

God Bud marijuana strian is the plant that put Canada on the map, this is the feminized version of the BC God Bud. You cannot get any better than this, "the BC God Bud will cut through any Kush any day of the week!"

A popular plant among professional cultivators, these very dense and heavy crystal-coated nuggets make for outer-body experiences. One hit can make you ready for bed. A BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup Winner for World's Best Indica, the BC God Bud packs some of the most powerful flavor findable on Planet Earth.

She is also extremely pungent and needs to be double bagged to be discreet. Excellent medical benefits from this multiple BC Bud Depot award winner.

BC Bud Depot is the original God Bud breeder. It is a cross of thier "God" strain which is a clone only elite from BC, Hawaiian and a Purple Skunk.

First Place Winner 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup (Indica)

Grade:  A-

THC:   20%

God  x  Hawaiian  x  Purple Skunk

Origin:  Canada

Breeder:  BC Bud Depot

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

up to 300-400 grams per plant (dried, indoor)

Good For:
Taking time to get friendly with the Man upstairs.

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