G-13 - Sativa

G-13 - 30% THC
aka: Gaby, Greenhouse #13, Government #13

Another legendary marijuana strain, the G-13 was grown and cultivated at the University of Wisconsin in Madsion, which focused on hybridizing different strains of cannabis in the 1970's. Also perhaps famous for being mentioned in the film American Beauty.

Story goes, these organizations bred a strain of cannabis through hybridization that was more potent than any other. It was said to have a concentration of approximately 30% THC by weight, which is among the highest percentages in any cannabis strain on the market.

One supplier of G-13 seeds states that a single cutting of this strain was liberated from a government facility in Mississippi. Although the University of Mississippi bred and farmed cannabis during the late 1960s and early 1970s, there is no evidence that these researchers bred this legendary high THC cannabis.

Since the sale of medical marijuana is illegal in parts of the United States and heavily monitored by the government; thus giving top notch quality of their products, possibly accounting for the legends behind G-13.

Many cultivators and distributors of the strain continue to claim that it was developed through government experiments. Some say the G in G-13 stands for Greenhouse #13, where the plant was liberated, and some say it stands for Government. This legendary plant lives on only through the various hybrids at Sensi Seeds bank.

But plenty of medical patients report G-13 isnt a Sativa at all, but a highly resinous Indica. A lively debate topic of whether G-13 is an indica or sativa. Given its fantastic legend G-13 is probably both an incredible indica and sativa, depending on where the strain was procured. The one common feature found amongst all reports and samples is the copious amount of resin G-13 produces.

Grade:  A+

THC:   30%


Madsion, Wisconsin - USA

US Government at University of Wisconsin labs

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

500 g/m2

Good For:
Becoming a mad scientist.

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