Critical Haze - Indica/Sativa F1 Hybrid

Critical Haze - 15-20% THC
Indica/Sativa F1 Hybrid

The Critical Haze strain is bred by Mr Nice Seeds in Amsterdam. Critical Haze blends the attributes such as the fruitiness of the Critical Mass male with the strong Haze characteristics of the Afghan Haze female to produce an abundant crop of haze-y flavoured buds with the largest yields being produced in greenhouse environments. There are two slightly different phenotypes: one which flowers for 8 - 10 weeks with the other taking a couple of weeks longer. Mr Nice recommends to "go easy" on the nutrients with this one. Strongly indicated for medical applications including helping with muscular tension, PMT, MS and appetite stimulation.

Grade:  A-

THC:   15-20%

White Widow  x  Northern Lights


Breeder:  Neville and Shantibaba / Mr Nice Seeds

Flowering Time:  8 - 12 weeks depending on phenotype

450 - 650 g per m2

Good For:
Using before you confess to Dr Katz.

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