Chronic - 50/50 Hybrid

Chronic - 18% THC
50% Sativa/50% Indica Hybrid

The Chronic strain may be famous to patients whom are familiar with Dr Dre's masterpiece album, The Chronic, released December 15, 1992. Dre also dropped The Chronic: 2000. Serious Seeds carries this hip hop famed strain which is made of Northern Lights crossed AK-47 and Skunk.

This easy-to-grow plant can produce up to 600 g per square meter under 600 watt lights; that's a gram per watt. These desirable yields have been achieved with both hydro and soil methods. Hydro methods require less time in vegetative stage, around 3 days, whereas fledglings need about a week to get rooted in soil. Chronic wants to grow a huge end bud, and any side buds are much smaller, making it a perfect candidate for the sea of green method.

This once predominantly indica breed has been updated with a sativa cross and stabilizing since 2000, which improved both the strength and resin content, while leaving the subtle sweet-spicy scent intact. The high has a full spectrum of effects that typically start in the mind and then move to the body.

Grade:  B+

THC:   18%

Northern Lights  x  AK-47  x  Skunk


Breeder:  Serious Seeds

Flowering Time:  12-14 weeks

600 g per square meter under 600 watt lights

Good For:
Just chillin', cuz it aint' nutin but a G thang baby.

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