Chocolate Thai - Sativa

Chocolate Thai - 18% THC

The Chocolate Thai is a strain is somewhat a mysteriuos one, since it is not avaiable anymore or can not be found, anywhere. Chocolate Thai was a common strain floating around in the late 1980's. Clones and seeds can not be found on the open medical marijuana market. Although not believed to be entirely extinct, some seed banks claim to have Chocolate Thai mixed in their strains. For example, DNA Genetics offers "Chocolope", which they say is Chocolate Thai crossed with their own Cannalope Haze.

Then there is "Thai-Tanic" by Flying Dutchmen, that crossed Thai with Skunk and say it's "very compact Sativa variety, classic chocolate Thai smell and taste." Chocolate Thai may just be that, Thai x Skunk, but it is not certain. Chocolate Thai was dark with a baking chocolate flavor and scent comeing from the way it's dried and or cured.

Please view the Thai strain page to find out more information regarding the Thai strain.

Grade:  B+

THC:   18%

pure Sativa Thai landrace


Breeder:  Private

Flowering Time:  12-14 weeks

1oz - 2oz per plant

Good For:
Eating chocolate with a hooker in Thailand.

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