Chem Dawg - Sativa Dominant

Chem Dawg - 23% THC
Sativa Dominant
aka: Chem Dog, 91, Chem 91, Chemdawg, OG Kush, Diesel

The legend of legends is of all strains could be OG Kush. OG kush is a hermi seed from the Chem Dog from back in 1996 in Tahoe. OG Kush is Chem 91. Rumored the original and best of the Chem Dog strains. It is said in 1991 legendary breeder "Chemdawg" had attended a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheater. Chemdawg had met "Joebrand" (aka Wonkanobe) and "Pbud", they sold Chemdawg an ounce for $500. Joe and Chemdawg later arranged for two more ounces to be shipped to Chemdawg on the east coast. According to Chemdawg, one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds.

The first Chem Dog strain was grown in Montana and sold in Colorado for years before being purchased by Chemdawg, whom was in Massachusetts. While in Colorado, where a primarily indica "Chem" line had been produced steadily for years, confirming that Chem Dog (and related siblings) are indeed of predominantly indica genetics. Chemdawg was now a proud owner of 13 original seeds and in 1991 Chemdawg sowed his first 4 seeds. One turned out male, but the other three were females that became "Chem 91" or "ChemDog '91", "Chem A" (Chem 91 sister), and "Chem B" phenos. In 2000, Chemdawg sowed 3 more seeds labeled "C", "D" and "E". The "C" seed did not turn out well, the "E" seed never germinated and the "D" seed was the winner. In 2006 Chemdawg brought back 4 original Chem Dog seeds to Joebrand in Colorado to be grown out. Those seeds accounted for four more Chem Dog phenotypes, but only the 4th was labeled worthy to its genetics and named "Reunion Pheno". Chemdawg still has two more original seeds in his possesion from the early 1990's. Although some say Chemdawg gave everyone cuttings, never gave seeds away and he still has 6 seeds left.

In 1993, the Chem Dog strain grew popular and strong. Then at a Phish concert, the Massachusetts grower (Chemdawg) met other growers from New York City, which begged Chemdawg for a rare Chem Dog cutting. Finally Chemdawg traded the Chem Dog for a Super Skunk to the New York City growers and promises were made amongst them not give the Chem Dog away. The NYC growers disliked the name "Chem Dog", so they changed the name to "Diesel", also because when you smoked Chem Dog, it was the "Cock Diesel".

The original Chem Dog is Diesel. Everybody wanted the Chem Dog/Diesel, another group of breeders from Albany traveled to NYC (2 or 3 hour drive) to get the Diesel in bud form. Later the Albany breeders pleaded for a cutting of the Diesel, instead got a bag of seeds to grow. The bags of seeds the Albany breedeers actually got was some Super Skunk grown in Virginia in 1986 that accidentally hermed the Chem Dog, aka Diesel. The Albany crew started breeding those seeds and named it "Sour Diesel". Also the original Chem Dog, aka Diesl is OG Kush. Chem Dog was later renamed "OG Kush" when it arrived in Tahoe in 1996 before it landed in California.

The flavor and aroma is top notch with the classic look and smooth smoke. Chem Dog has a clear-cut look, smell, and taste. The appearance after drying is lime green with a golden tint, mixture of red hairs and a healthy coating of sugary crystals. There are also many other phenotype hybrids including Geisel, Snodog, Bubble Chem and others.

Grade:  A+

THC:   22%

bag seed at Grateful Dead show

grown Montana, sold Colorado,
expanded Massachusetts USA

Breeder:  Chemdawg

Flowering Time:  9-10 weeks

up to 24.5 ounces / 700 grams m2

Good For:
Making up stories.

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