Cambodian - Sativa

Cambodian - 22% THC

Cambodia is a major exporter of quality cannabis, and is a wonderful place for tourists to enjoy. Since Cambodia began opening up to tourists and foreign residents in 1992, this unique country has earned a stellar reputation for the availability, affordability and tolerance of marijuana. Cambodia is not a totally perfect smoker's paradise, however. The most frequent complaint is the sketchy quality of much of the grass. The best stuff is reportedly reserved for export, and is most easily available in the port cities of Sihanoukville (locally referred to as Kompong Som), and Koh Kong, bordering Thailand. Getting access to the export-quality stuff is just a bit harder than strolling through the market. This takes contacts with the people who handle it, and who are willing to redirect part of an order for the domestic market.

In 2001 the United Nations reported Cambodia as the top world source of marijuana. The United Nations has branded Cambodia one of the largest suppliers of marijuana to the world in 2001, with business estimated to generate nearly US $1 billion a year. The value of the export of marijuana is estimated to be on par with that of Cambodia's top foreign exchange earner, the garment industry, which employs more than 100,000 people, the UN International Drug Control Program said in a report. "With Cambodia as one of the world's largest suppliers of cannabis, and in combination with the destabilising effects the illicit profits of this trade has on the country, this situation is clearly not acceptable," said the report.

Today marijuana found in Southeast Asia is very common and known as: kancha, kanhcha, kan xa, and can xa. All of which indicate that the Southeast Asian supply came from India or the Himalayas.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

Cambodian Landrace


Breeder:  Locals

Flowering Time:  60-70 days

up to 400 gr

Good For:   Having a Khmer Cuisine.

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