California Orange - 50/50 Hybrid

California Orange - 8-15% THC
50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid

California Orange from Dutch Passion is a stabilized hybrid that has been inbred since 1980. This is one of the best-yielding early varieties from northern California, and probably the easiest one to grow. This variety has the potential to be extremely resinous, even across the leaves. With a 50% Sativa 50% Indica genetic background, these plants are a unique blend of fine genetics. Some plants more than others will have a pronounced citrus aroma and flavor that is very pleasing and enticing. With a very strong and fairly clear high, this is a very nice strain to enjoy both in the greenhouse and in your mind. The reported yields of California Orange are slightly above average.

Grade:  A-

THC:   8-15%

Thai  x  [Afghani x Acapulco Gold]

northern California, sold in Holland

Breeder:  Dutch Passion

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

500 grams/m2 SOG

Good For:
Orange picking in SoCal.

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