Brazilian - Sativa

Brazilian - 22% THC

aka: Brazilian Green

This Brazilian Sativa landrace or the original Green Marijuana Seed (a.k.a. Brazilian Green). The local Brazilian Sativa is a marijuana strain that grows well tending to be a shrub Chritmas tree style when given plenty of light into a cicle of 13 to 14 hours. This strain doesnt need to stretch a lot in search of light.

Landrace genetics don't grow very well outside of their natural zone. The higher altitude, soil composition, humidity levels and season length all play a part in this. Some variables can be replicated to some extent but for the most part it's a laborious process that most growers would not want to go through.

Some indoor tips are to maintain her heigh cutting branches and single top (as she tends to grow as X-Mas tree shape) taking advantage to make severals clones with strong vigorous grown, she loves to stretch and her roots go very deep down. Look for mold and keep room humidity well controled, she delays to rippen, spidermites not detected but never take it for granted better keep one eye on it.

Here are about other marijuana seed genetics: Amarelo, Original Green, Local Sativa, Manga Rosa all are landraces to Brazil. Brazilians have been growing pure Sativas from their original background since 1991 when their first seeds came from bricked grass. They are all better improved now. Breeders such as the Brazilian Seed Company offer seeds with pure Brazilian Sativa genetics. Also Green House Seeds has seeds from all over the world including Brazil, as they continue to try and find the best of the best medical marijuana crops.

Grade:  A

THC:   22%

Brazilian Sativa Landrace


Breeder:  Brazilians

Flowering Time:  12-14 weeks

up to 350 gr

Good For:   To "remove meat" during Lent.

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