Blueberry Haze - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Blueberry Haze - 16% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid (60/40)

A berry flavor with a bit of the fresh herbal hue of the Haze. The true reward is quality of the high, which builds from a mild feeling of wellness to euphoria and inspiration. The potency require some experience and pacing, overuse may turn an enjoyable buzz into sweet dreams as overwhelming drowsiness kick in. A great long lasting indica cross of Blueberry x Haze given an Indica dominate hybrid. Tastes like sweet berries and smells like skunky berries.

Grade:  B-

THC:   16%

Blueberry x Haze

Origin:  California

Breeder:  DNA Genetics

Flowering Time:  9-10 weeks


Good For:   Feeling blue.

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