Blueberry - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Blueberry - 19.5% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid (80/20)

One of the classic hybrid strains that dates back to the late 1970's, the original Blueberry is from Dutch Passion. Original Blueberry is an Indica Dominate Hybrid strain with Thai and Oaxacan parentage. It is a short plant that breeds true to its indica characteristics yet shows more branches especially closer down the plant. The leaves and buds contribute to the name of the plant growing to cool blues that pale to a light lilac color when drying. The main reason for its name is of course the flavor of the smoke, a rich fruity, berry flavor. It tends to turn from partially purple to full on blue, and if grown properly smells and tastes like blueberry muffins. Very high levels of THC lead to a very strong stone which is typically indica, uplifting and euphoric. Able to be grown both indoors and outdoors it has a responded well to growing in hydro and soil especially with the use of organic fertilizers.

The Original Blueberry is the flagship strain of the Blue Family, having gained great popularity amongst worldwide growers. Its name was chosen because of Blueberry's blue hues and its incredible blueberry aroma which is amazingly close to the taste and smell of real blueberries. The Original Blueberry was introduced to the Dutch market in 1998, together with Blue Velvet, Blue Moonshine, Blue Heaven and Flo, the other members of the Blue Family. All of them were originally bred by DJ Short and adopted by Dutch Passion, made possible by a cooperation with the Canadian breeder. Blueberry is a heavily resinous mostly indica strain (80%), mainly consisting of an Afghani indica, the sativa genetics predominantly come from a Thai sativa and, to a minor degree, also from an Oaxacan (Mexican) sativa. These three truebred parental lines, old landraces that date back to the 1970's.

Blueberry won 1st place at the High Times Cup 2000
and 3rd place at the High Times Cup 2001.

Grade:  B+

THC:   19.5%

Thai and Oaxacan parentage

Origin:  Amsterdam

Breeder:  Dutch Passion

Flowering Time:  8-9 weeks

400-500 (Dried grams/m2 in a Sea of Green)

Good For:   Feeling blue.

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