Big Widow - 50/50 Hybrid

Big Widow - 15% THC
50% Indica/50% Sativa

The Big Widow strain is available with the X-Line. Big Widow is a spectacular combination of the White Widow strain and the Bid Bud cannabis strain. They both are Cup winners on various years and of various different Cups. A multi-hybrid like this Big Widow has obvious genetic benefits. Since both strains are already beautiful on their own, combining them created a match made in heaven.

Big Widow plants will need about eight weeks to be ready for harvesting. If you are growing your Big Widow plants outdoors, the harvesting will be from September until October and will take about ten weeks. The buds from this strain of marijuana are amazingly full of resin, which gives them a very nice look. You can see the stickiness on them. The Big Widow plants won't grow very tall, which makes them easy to handle. Since even years now they have succeeded in making the yield of this Big Widow strain of marijuana as big as possible, before then the yield weren't to great. But when you buy these seeds you will see how much they have improved the yielding results of the Big Widow.

Big Widow has a sweet, almost spicy taste. It leaves an aftertaste that will undoubtedly stay in you memory forever. Big Widow has a typical White Widow smell, fresh and pungent. The Big Widow buds have a very high stone to it, super-relaxed and it will hit almost immediately, so don't forget to get something to munch on, and maybe a refreshing drink, before you decide to have a go at it.

Grade:  B-

THC:   15%

Big Bud  x  White Widow


Breeder:  X-Line

Flowering Time:  8-10 weeks

550 gr/m2 indoor

Good For:
Creating giant spiders.

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