Big Bud - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Big Bud - 15-20% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid

Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989 and 1996 with The Seed Bank now Sensi Seeds, the classic Big Bud strain first started appearing in the late 1980ís and have stayed around because this strain really lives up to its name. Big Bud is a huge producer, simple as that. Although Seed Bank won the Cup prizes, Big Budís early development occurred in Portland, Oregon USA before the strain was brought to Holland in the mid 1980's when the "War on Drugs" intensified. Pioneering US breeders feared losing irreplaceable Big Bud strains which took years of work, study and devotion. Many unique and cherished genotypes were brought to the Netherlands for safety. The first Big Bud was a hybrid cross a pure Afghanica with Skunk genes. When those original clones made it to Holland, they gave rise to several stable seed strains, including a back-cross with Skunk #1 and a very popular hybrid of 75%BB-25%NL#1. The current award winning Big Bud was made possible by two important developments. Firstly, intensive research allowed Sensi to identify the genotype and precise geographical origin of the Afghani cultivar behind the first Big Bud. Secondly, the expansion of Sensi's gene-stock in the early 1990's gave Sensi breeders access to a prime example of that very strain. With a relatively short flowing time (as little as 50 days) and low percentage of branches, this strain can produce up to 550 grams per plant in optimum conditions. An indica / sativa mix leaning more to indica tendencies. The high is mellow with a sweet spicy taste that give a more indica style body stone. Hydroponoc Big Bug is the way forward and will give the best results but it will grow happily in any medium in an indoorcontrolled environment. Big Bud will require a reasonable amount of attention when in the vegative stage to stop it becoming too tall and lanky.

Grade:  B

THC:   15-20%

Genetics:  Afghani x Skunk #1

Origin:  Portland, Oregon then Holland

Breeder:  Seed Bank/Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time:  8 weeks

up to 350 grams per plant

Good For:   Buying a box of Magnum condoms.

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