B-52 - Indica Dominant Hybrid

B-52 - 15% THC
Indica Dominant Hybrid (75% Indica/25% Sativa)

The B-52 strain is bred by Nirvana Seeds in the Netherlands. B-52 is a truly superior Skunk hybrid. B-52 can consistently tip the scale at around 500 gm per square meter in a sea of green, making it ideal for the commercial grower. B-52 is quick flowering with huge buds thanks to its Big Bud mother. B-52 has a very sweet taste and produces a cerebral high enjoyed by many connoisseurs of Skunk.

This plant is best for the experienced gardener. It is especially recommended for the hydro, since B-52 gives its best yields in a hydro sea of green. Growing 16 plants per square meter and pruning the plants down to the top and four side branches achieves massive bottle-sized buds. B-52 is durable and can take an EC of up to 2.6 without showing signs of overfeeding. Grown in these optimal conditions, B-52 roughly doubles in height during the flowering period and can consistently tip the scale with yields around 500 grams per square meter. While considered an indoor plant, this strain can be grown outdoors in Spain or similar climates, yielding a mature crop in the beginning of October.

Grade:  C+

THC:   15%

Big Bud  x  Skunk #1


Breeder:  Nirvana Seeds

Flowering Time:  8-10 weeks

450-550 (Dried grams/m2 in a Sea of Green)

Good For:
Having a Cosmic Thing in the Love Shack.

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