Angel Heart - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Angel Heart - 15-20% THC
Sativa Dominant Hybrid

The Angel Heart strain is bred by Mr Nice Seeds. If there was a plant close to perfect in flavor, this could be the one. It will leave your mouth watering, and the body wanting more. The possible complex interaction and combinations of terpenes will simply amaze all that grow her and the remedy for others will flow from the taste. This hybrid should be expected to flower in an indoor grow for 60-70 days. In the Northern Hemisphere one would expect it to be ready by early October. In the Southern Hemisphere it should go till end of March, possibly mid March if the season is favorable. An expected yield per square meter would be between 400 -600 grams, but there will be surprising plants in this hybrid.

Advice given would be to flower out the selected mother by way of clone. Keeping the seed mother to produce clones for flowering will possibly increase the speed at which it flowers. An excellent plant for a darkening greenhouse.

Selection of this plant should go on the flavor you prefer. You will need to be very hard on yourself to kill the girls you do not think are for you as they will all have something special to offer. I believe it will allow the blind people to see a taste and so rich in aroma that sweets will taste sour after smoking or vaporizing it.

Grade:  A-

THC:   15-20%

Mango Haze  x  Afghan Skunk
(37.5% Skunk, 25% Haze, 25% Afghan & 12.5% Northern Lights #5)


Breeder:  Neville and Shantibaba / Mr Nice Seeds

Flowering Time:  60-70 days

400-600 grams per square meter

Good For:
Telling the truth.

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