Acapulco Gold - Sativa

Acapulco Gold - 25% THC

Thanks to recent pioneered advances in marijuana genetics, the quality of Acapulco Gold goes beyond most medical strains. This strain was first mentioned in 1965 when it was described as a special grade of pot growing only in the vicinity of Acapulco, Mexico. Like the original namesake, these gorgeous, firm colas are flecked with gold and reddish brown, with very visible THC crystals. The intense fruit cocktail of flavors pack a strong sensation that really lingers. Acapulco Gold is sativa dominant, offering a long lasting high that balances upbeat effects with body-relaxing, stress reducing calmness. The gold in this phrase originally described the golden hue of the leaves on the marijuana plant, but later came to refer both to the high quality of the marijuana and to the especially high price it commanded. Acapulco by itself can be used as a synonym for marijuana, generally referring to a high-grade type like Acapulco Gold. The similar named Acapulco Red, refers to a reddish-brown marijuana grown near Acapulco, Mexico with reddish tops on the plants. Also perhaps famous for John Lennon and Peter Sellers name dropping Acapulco Gold on a recording of the Beatles studio sessions.

Grade:  A+

THC:   25%

Genetics:  pure Sativa from Alcapulco

Origin:  Acapulco, Mexico

Breeder:  Barneys Farm Seeds

Flowering Time:  70 75 Days

Yield:  350 - 375 grams / m (dried, indoor)

Good For:   Taking a Mexican vacation.

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